Join Us!

Whilst you're travelling along through the stunning Staffordshire Moorlands on our trains, What you might not realise is that everything around you at Foxfield Railway is there thanks to our army of volunteers! The person who sold you your ticket, The team driving and firing the locomotive, the guard on board the train, even the person who pauses their work repairing our lineside fencing to wave as the train passes by....They're all their giving up their time to help preserve our little piece of history!

We're always looking for new volunteers to join our team and there's plenty to keep them busy! A typical running day with just one train running needs a minimum of 10 volunteers for everything from engine driver to booking clerk!
We're HUGE supporters of the Duke of Edinburgh Award. In previous years, We've offered young people completing their DofE the opportunity to work as travelling ticket inspectors on our trains with several of them continuing as volunteers after achieving their award! Anybody interested in completing their volunteering section with us as part of a DofE award should get in touch with Harry (who holds a Gold DofE Award and is an assessor for the award) on

There are opportunities in every department - If you're interested, Come on down and speak to our friendly team! They'll be more than happy to show you around.